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Connecticut Tech School Invites Women in Manufacturing to Speak to Students

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To celebrate several notable women with careers in manufacturing, the Emmett O’Brien Technical School invited them to speak to more than 30 female students at the school. 

Schwerdtle Inc. CEO Kathy Saint, Bead Industries CEO Jill Mayer, and Exello Tool CEO Marcy Minnick met with 32 female students in the school’s precision machining technology program. Schwerdtle manufactures tools, dies, stamps, and fixtures; Bead specializes in standard and custom pins; and Exello Tool offers precision machining services. 

O’Brien Tech also welcomed back three female students who now work in manufacturing, specifically junior engineering, CNC programming, and quality control. One of the returning students, Lydianna Vega, commented on the program’s growth and said it only had six female students when she attended the school in 2008. 

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