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Bead CEO Named “40 Under 40” Award Recipient

Jillian Mayer

Bead Industries CEO Jill Mayer was named a “40 Under Forty” award recipient by the Hartford Business Journal. She joins a list of talented young professionals from various industries such as healthcare, financial services and STEM-related fields in the Greater Hartford region.

“Each of this year’s honorees have demonstrated strong leadership in their careers and an unwavering commitment to strengthening the communities in which they live, work, and play.” Joe Zwiebel, president and publisher, Hartford Business Journal, said in a press release this week. “We are pleased to recognize their accomplishments and welcome them to our growing network of distinguished ’40 Under Forty’ alumni.”

According to Mayer, in order to attract more talented young professionals to the Greater Hartford region businesses must have process and purpose. “A disorganized, inefficient business is not attractive to digital natives who like to work productively.” says Mayer. “Having a clear purpose gives them the passion and energy to stay engaged.”

Mayer’s full bio, complete with accomplishments, community involvement and fun facts is featured in the weekly edition of the publication.