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Resiliency Drives Employers’ Pandemic Response

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“Not on my watch.” That’s how Bead Industries CEO Jill Mayer recalls her attitude as she and her leadership team mapped out the company’s strategy in the early weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’re a 106-year-old manufacturing company,” she told fellow business leaders Sept. 24 at CBIA’s annual The Connecticut Economy conference. “We’ve been through recessions, depressions, World War I and II. It would have been real unfortunate to have gone through all of that just to crumble during a pandemic.”

Mayer said manufacturers should “look into diversifying however they can at this point.”

“It really depends with manufacturing what markets you’re in,” she noted. “We’re in enough different markets that we can handle it if our automotive is down but our medical and our specialty lighting are up.

“It really comes down to how diversified your customer base is.”

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